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Current sventon features
  • Easy installation and setup.
  • WebDAV (http/https), svnserve (svn/svn+ssh) and file repository browsing.
  • Support for multiple repositories.
  • View and download files for any given revision or date in time.
  • Friendly URL:s for easy navigation.
  • Integrates with JIRA, Hudson, Luntbuild and TortoiseSVN
  • Sort or filter directory listings.
  • View contents of archives and files inside archives.
  • View logs history and metadata for files and directories.
  • Compass powered cache for entries and logs.
  • Source code syntax highlighting using JHighlight.
  • Style sheet marked up for easy graphical customization.
  • Single account authentication support for non public repositories.
  • Internal caching for fast access.
  • File and directory name search (CamelCase enabled).
  • Directory flattening for fast navigation.
  • Image thumbnail preview.
  • Diff files between revisions or directories, side-by-side, inline or as unified diff.
  • Show differences between paths.
  • Keyword expansion when viewing or diffing files.
  • Revision details as context sensitive RSS feeds.
  • Customizable RSS layout.
  • Display of file lock information.
  • Download files and directories as ZIP files.
  • Bypass of empty middle directories for faster navigation.
  • Support for multiple character encodings.
  • Several authentication methods supported, including user based.
  • Commit notifications via e-mail.
  • Convenient tray for handling entries.
  • Admin function that simplifies adding/removing repositories.
Available versions:
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See the sventon wiki for user and developer documentation.

If you have any questions regarding sventon usage or development, please check the FAQ or visit the sventon Google group to discuss different topics with sventon committers and users.